~ Fate’s Path

You fell in love with Danielle and Cayden in ‘Destiny’, book one in The Destiny Series, now come share their journey in book two, ‘Fate’s Path’, as they continue to discover the power and passion of their love, and fight to protect each other and the life they were destined for…



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When fate’s curse sweeps upon Danielle and Cayden, the secrets behind their destiny begin to be revealed…


Will they be able to fight the darkness seeping in and swaying them, or give in to the power and passion of their all-consuming love, risking Cayden’s pure soul and crossing them to the dark side…?

Separated by miles for the first time, and Cayden’s premonitions warning him of the life threatening danger Danielle is in, Cayden is desperate to get back to her, but suffers an unfortunate accident in route, landing him in a hospital bed, unconscious, and leaving Danielle vulnerable.

When Danielle’s parents force her to leave Cayden’s bedside and return to school, she is befriended by a new student. But Parker is no ordinary new student, he is one of the vampire twins that have been torturing Danielle in her thoughts, day and night, the boys she suspects are coming after her to avenge their parent’s death. Question is, is Parker the protector, of the two, or the predator? Only time will tell…

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The Destiny Series


Fate's Path (Destiny, #2)

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