Fun with Colors, Letters, Numbers, and Shapes ~

For Toddlers and Preschoolers: Tracing, Matching, and Counting ~ Hours of Learning Fun

Fun with Colors, Letters, Numbers, and Shapes is a simple and fun way for little ones to learn alphabet letters, colors, numbers, and shapes by tracing, matching, and coloring cute, recognizable objects, animals, and daily items. The large, adorable illustrations are great for tiny fingers to color, too!

The first section focuses on numbers, 0-10. Each left side number page contains large, visually fun graphics of a child aside the number, and the word spelled out beneath. The opposite page has an illustration of a barrel with the corresponding number of apples to encourage counting, the number alongside with directional arrows for writing practice, and the number below in tracing form. Four pages follow with delightful graphics to reinforce counting by counting the barrels and the apples within them, butterflies and their spots, ice cream cones and their scoops, and fish tanks with the number of fish swimming inside.

The second section covers the full alphabet, A-Z, with a large letter and an item that starts with the accompanying letter. Underneath are uppercase and lowercase letters to trace, big enough for little fingers. On the opposite page, there is another object which begins with the letter, and the name of the object spelled out below.

The third section familiarizes toddlers and preschoolers with colors and color association, introducing ten basic colors with a cute, colorable animal or object for visual reference of the corresponding color, and the color spelled beneath.

The fourth section teaches shapes, with seven funny-faced shapes and the shape below for tracing. Two pages follow with identifiable shaped items to match with a shape.

• Counting: numbers 0-10.
• Alphabet: uppercase and lowercase letters, A-Z.
• Word recognition: fun objects to sound out and associate with each letter of the alphabet.
• Shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, heart, and star.
• Tracing: letters, shapes, and numbers.
• Colors: basic colors and items of each shade ~ yellow, blue, red, green, orange, pink, purple, brown, black, and gray.
• Word association: recognizable objects, animals, and foods with simple, descriptive words
• Matching: connecting shapes with fun, familiar objects of the same shape.
• Helps beginners with fundamentals, recognition, and association of words, letters, objects, colors, numbers, and shapes.
Gift the little ones in your life with hours of learning fun by coloring, with Fun with Colors, Letters, Numbers, and Shapes.

8.5 x 11
105 pages
Two-sided coloring pages
Over 100 illustrations to color.
Perfect for Toddlers and Preschoolers ages 1–4
Great for TK & Kindergarteners too!


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Fun with Colors, Letters, Numbers, and Shapes by D. A. Hester

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Fun with Colors, Letters, Numbers, and Shapes by D. A. Hester  Fun with Colors, Letters, Numbers, and Shapes by D.A. Hester

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