Word Count Tracker for Authors ~

This simple word count tracking notebook is an easy and ideal way to track your writing and reach your writing goals!


Word Count Tracker for Authors notebook is a simple way for authors to stay organized and keep track of their writing progress, to help stay motivated toward success. The word count tracker has doable goals of 100 words at a time. But that’s not set in stone, you can change it up, set your own 200, 500, 1000 increment goals at a time if you choose.

The first inside page has a spot to fill in with a project title, date, notebook name, or author name. The front page of each sheet (102 pages/51 sheets) contains an easy-to-use daily word count tracker, space for starting and ending word count totals, project title, date, chapter, chapter notes, tomorrow’s to do, and most important list. The back side of the sheet has a handy lined notes page that can be used for notes, ideas, sprint times, or whatever inspires you. The two daily writing logs included at the end of the notebook allow you to carry over your daily totals for a visual of your progress as a whole—40 plus days—to inspire you toward your goal.

Great for NaNoWriMo and gifts for writers.

Prompts for:
~ Starting Word Count
~ Word Count Total
~ Daily Word Count Tracker with Doable Goals, 100 words at a time
~ Title and Date
~ Chapter Notes
~ Tomorrow’s To Do List
~ Most Important List
~ Lined Notes Pages
~ Two Daily Writing Logs for a visual, comparative glance at your progress, to inspire you toward your final goal
~ 6” x 9” size eases portability in a backpack, laptop bag, or purse

**Also available in 8.5” x 11” size

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Word Count Tracker for Authors

Recording your daily writing word count is a great way to track your writing progress and achieve your writing goals.

Word Count Tracker for Authors Interior
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